One of the popular fests in Nepal is called “Rato Machhindranath Fest (Jatra) or Bhoto (Vest) Jatra” began from the time of King Narendra Deva since (640-683 A. D), which is celebrated during the month of April, and May this fest rejoice around a month. Rato Machhindranath, god is a Hindu god providing rain for monsoon. In this fest, first of all, people start making the chariot about 60 feet tall and start to pull it in a different part of the Patan cities. The main starting point of this fest is Pulchock and it goes through other places like Gabahal, Hakha, Sundhara, Lagankhel and ends in Jawalakhel chock. During Bhoto Jatra festival, the jewel-studded vest is shown to the public by the official’s people from each corner of the chariot. After ending, this festival, Rato Machindranath god is taken back to Bungamati temple, where Rato Machindranath lives in for the rest of the year.

The history of the vest is believed to be of “Karkat Nagaraja” (king of all serpents) from the Taudaha Lake. Myth is such that, wife of Karakat Nagraj had an eye illness which could not be treated even with lots of different medicines. One day, a farmer (jyapu) came and said to the Serpent king that he could cure her eye problem then he did. After that Karkat Nagraj was so happy and he presents to him Bhoto (Vest) with bedazzling diamonds. After that, the farmer was so happy, he wore it daily. And one day while he was working hard in his field, he felt hot, and he takes off that bhoto and put aside his farm.

That was a great opportunity for the ghost to steal it and he stole that vest. After finishing his work, he looked for his Bhoto but he couldn’t find it. He searched everywhere but, one day he saw his vest was worn by the ghost. The farmer requested to the ghost to give him back his vest but the ghost didn’t want to give it back. Then the farmer followed him to get back his vest but he couldn’t seem to catch the ghost. He was so tired that he lost the sight of the ghost and the vest was taken away from him. Bhoto is brought forth and shown to the people in the hope that someone would come with proof and take the Bhoto away.

One day King Guna Kamadev heard this story and he called both of them (farmer and the ghost), listened to both side, both of them insisted that it was theirs but there was no fixed proof. Then the king decided to store it in the hands of Rato Machhindranat (statue) and the king decided that whoever comes with enough proof can rightfully claim the bhoto. So then every year, during the Rato Machhindranath fest official person shows the bhoto to every public but no one has ever come to claim with the proof.